Solar Lights Distribution For A Luoi’s Residents Sponsored By Dove Fund And Thomas Alva Edison Foundation

Approximately 100 kilometers from Hue City and on the Vietnam-Laos border, there is a small disadvantaged ethnic minority village of Hong Van Commune, A Luoi district. This village was established in 2009, but is located far away from the center of the commune. It is extremely hard for the residents in this location to travel through rough terrain with steep mountain passes. Additionally, the residents are not able to access the national eletricity system. Therefore, they live in difficult circumstances.  Most of the residents use portable 12v battery or oil lamps to provide light at night time. This has exerted a negative impact on the living and study quality of the residents, especially children.

Thanks to the support of the D.O.V.E Fund and Thomas Alva Edison Foundation, on 28th September 2016,  Hearts For Hue in conjunction with Vu Phong Solar Light Company distributed and installed 40 solar lights for 40 disadvantaged families who are not able to access the national electricity system, within 20 families belonging to the border town.

Whilst visiting and installing the solar light for Mr Ho Van Hoa who lives in the border town, we has perceived the difficulties that Mr Hoa, his wife and his children are facing daily in  a cramped thatched hut which is less than 10m2. Mr Hoa said “The life here is extremely difficult and lacks  a range of things, especially in the evening. We must use light from portable 12v battery which is unstable and blurred sometimes. It has exerted a negative effect on the children being able to study. Now, I am very happy to receive the solar energy , this is indeed a precious and timely present that we had been expecting for a long time. From now, my wife is able to make bamboo baskets and sell it in the local market to generate more income. My grandchildren will have enough  light to study. On behalf of my family, I would like to say thank you to the donors who assisted my family.”

On behalf of Hearts For Hue and the residents of A Luoi District, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the D.O.V.E Fund and Thomas Alva Edison Foundation for their donation and support for the solar lights for the local people. We also would like to say thanks to Mr Quy who is a member of Vu Phong Solar light Company for support us in the solar light assembly.

Hearts For Hue Team

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