Q: Where is Hearts For Hue Office?

A: 16 Tran Huy Lieu St, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue City.

Tel: 0234 3548649

Email: khanh.truong@heartsforhue.com

Q: When was Hearts for Hue started?

A: Hearts for Hue was created in 2007 by three local Vietnamese people (including current Chairman Mr Khanh) who wanted to support disadvantaged people in resettlement areas in and around Hue.

Q: What is Hearts for Hue’s mission?

A: Hearts for Hue’s mission is to create real and lasting positive change for disadvantaged residents of Thua Thien-Hue Province, especially residents in resettlement areas. To do this, Hearts for Hue aims to be a professional local NGO that provides assistance and support to disadvantaged people enabling them to get access to quality education, health care services, equal economic development opportunities, and live in good environmental conditions.

 Q: What do you mean by ‘resettlement areas’?

A: In the past, many residents in and around Hue City were fishing families and lived either on boats or on public land near the river. A number of years ago the government asked these people to move, so that new development could happen in Hue. The government provided the people with housing, however it is very basic. This, accompanied by the fact that the displaced people did not have many skills to enable them to earn a living in a new industry, means that many resettled families are living in poverty.

 Q: How many staff does Hearts for Hue have?

A: Hearts for Hue has a small team of five staff: one full-time Chairman, one full-time Accountant, one full-time Project Assistant, one part-time Project Facilitator and one part-time Microfinance Officer and 01 international volunteers.

 Q: What types of projects do Hearts for Hue deliver?

A: Hearts for Hue has three main project areas:

1)      Microfinance program: Many disadvantaged people do not have the ability to borrow loans from banks, so Hearts for Hue supports over 200 disadvantaged families to raise their incomes and standards of living by providing them with microloans at low rates. In the first year, families can borrow 5 million VND (220USD), the second year 7 million VND (310USD) and the third year 9 million VND (400USD). All members of the program are also required to save a small amount each month, which is given to them at the end of the loan period.

2)      Disability support project: Hearts for Hue supports over 100 people with disabilities and their families to raise their incomes and standards of living in two ways. Firstly, we provide ducks, pigs, or chickens, along with animal raising training so that these disadvantaged families can raise their incomes. If they are successful with this program, Hearts for Hue then gives them the option of taking out microfinance loans so they can further raise their animal raising scales and their incomes.

3)      Community Tour Program: Hearts for Hue works with three Singapore universities Singapore Management University, Singapore Institute of Technology and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, along with tour company The Bamboo Project, to organize annual volunteering trips in and around Hue. During their time in Hue, the international volunteers conduct construction projects to improve the learning conditions of local schools and kindergartens, as well as teach English for local children.

 Q: What areas does Hearts for Hue work in?

A: Hearts for Hue works in many disadvantaged areas throughout Thua Thien-Hue Province. For example, H4H’s microfinance program is centred around Vy Da Ward in Hue City. The disability support program is focused  in two areas, Huong Van Commune 20km north of Hue City, and A Luoi, a mountainous area 1.5 hours West of Hue near the Laos border. For the community service program, Hearts for Hue works with many different schools and kindergartens in and around Hue City that are all in need.

Q: How does Hearts for Hue choose which people/schools it helps?

A: Hearts for Hue works with many local partners who know their community very well, and help us to identify people and schools in need. For example, we work with local People’s Committee’s (local governments), the Red Cross, and the Women’s Union who recommend to us people to work with.

 Q: Where does Hearts for Hue get their funding from?

A: Hearts for Hue gets funding from a number of different sources. Organisations such as Veterans for Peace and Development of Vietnam Endeavours (DOVE) Fund provide ongoing support to many of Hearts for Hue’s programs. In the past, we have received one-off funding from HSBC, the Unilever Foundation and the Australian Embassy in Hanoi. Many people also provide small personal donations to Hearts for Hue, which we use to provide more microfinance loans and animal raising opportunities. To fund administration and running costs, Hearts for Hue receives a fee from all community tours that we organize.


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