Community Tour


Would you like to be actively involved in the day to day lives of the people in Hue, Vietnam?

Join Hearts For Hue tour, we will take you to visit our community projects throughout Hue, Vietnam. And by volunteering, you will have the opportunity to spend time with some of the disadvantaged and disabled people of the community and contribute to improving their standard of living. As activities could be teaching to children, gardening, feeding chickens, having meal with local people and other interesting activities, it will also allow you to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the life and culture of this wonderful city and its people.


–          Tour 1: Visit kindergarten + choice of Social Center or Microfinance Program in Huong Van – a rural community


–          Tour 2: Visit Social center + Microfinance Project in Vy Da Ward


–          Tour 3: Thuy Phu boat village – only available on weekends (because we only provide classes for the children on the weekend)




  • Watch children studying and playing; teach English and life skills with the children, play with the children, take care of the garden with the children
  • Visit places nearby such as local temples and rice paddy

Social Centre (chicken/duck raising projects)

  • Visit and talk to patients.
  • Meet and exchange knowledge and experience with staff of the center to understand the center’s needs.
  • Help patients feed chickens and collect eggs.

Microfinance Project

  • Visit participants running business model with loan provided by Hearts For Hue such as sewing hats and processing food.
  • Join local people with activities of their business.
  • Enjoy local cuisine.

Thuy Phu Boat Village (education support project and solar light project)

  • Teach English and life skills to children.
  • Visit people who are living on boats.

Disability support program in Huong Van (chicken raising and microfinance project)

  • Help local people feed chickens/pigs, collect eggs, gardening, harvesting, and fishing.


Car or motorbike


–          Fully guided and supported by project coordinator of Hearts For Hue throughout the trip.

–          Transportation cost, water and gifts for the community.

–          Supporting for chicken/pig/duck program for persons with disabilities in Hue.

COST: $ USD 20  or  $ AUD 25 /per person



Mobile phone: 0914 125 429

Office: 68 Han thuyen, Hue, Vietnam


Visitors are encouraged to donate books or other educational items to Hearts For Hue who will distribute them to disadvantaged children.

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