Bamboo Project collaborates with Hearts For Hue to carry out the community tourism program in Hue, Vietnam

We are delighted to announce that The Bamboo Project will collaborate with Hearts For Hue to run community volunteering projects throughout Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam.

The Bamboo Project was conceived back in 2013 by two young men from the UK, Steve Williams and Mark Foster-Murray who have extensive experience working in the field of international volunteer travel. They mostly work with NGOs to ensure that all the volunteering projects are practical and worthy in order to make a positive contribution to communities. Their work and support for Asian NGOs has reached out to Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal and now through a partnership with Hearts For Hue they are very pleased to bring this meaningful project to Vietnam.

This community project is designed for groups of international travellers who are keen on volunteering and community service. They will travel to Hue, Vietnam within The Bamboo Project tour and take part in community volunteering work for 4-5 days in the locality. Activities will include painting wall of kindergartens in rural areas, teaching English for children, building garden for the kindergarten, planting trees and getting involved in daily lives of local people by feeding animals, harvesting rice and having meals with them.

The aims of this community program are not only to lend a hand to needy communities but also offer international travellers a better understanding of life in rural areas in particular and Vietnamese culture in general.

Hearts For Hue Team

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